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About Dana...


I'm told this is a good place to share a little bit about myself and we'll keep it simple, so you get to the important stuff...the galleries!

My favourite place in the entire world is home, and my favourite people live there. Always.


George Clooney really is Prince Charming.


I love grilling, cooking, baking and all things kitchen.


I think the bed should be made everyday.


A gardener at heart.


My ideal Saturday night is spent with the UFC.


Hallmark Christmas movies warm the soul. Any time of year.


Sharks are the scariest.

My favourite movie is, "The Holiday."

Salted caramel is the greatest flavour combo ever.


Vanilla over chocolate.

Mom is the best name in the world.


A person can never have too many dogs.


Laughing is the best exercise.

I love pink Flamingos, all things Ted Lasso (and Tom Cruise).


A good game of Scrabble is perfect any time of the day.








I look forward to every photo shoot. New clients and returning clients. Finding out the "little" things about your "big picture" and capturing who you are on camera, giving you memories to warm your

walls for years to come!


"You don't take a photograph, you make it."

Ansel Adams

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